Great Future you have, guide you I must….

The mentor is there to help guide the players in particular ways we take a look at how you can play an mentor npc in your game without it feeling just like another NPC. We look at what is a mentor npc, their purpose, how to play one and the reward for having a mentor NPC.


Key Points

What is a Mentor

  • Insight
  • Meta-Pusher
  • Conscience
  • Mirror

Purpose of one

  • Align plot points
  • Provide direction
  • Inspire
  • Relationship

How to play them

  • Avoid Cliche
  • Use Cliche
  • Old? Important?
  • Less is more
  • Riddles

Rewards for having a mentor

  • Following advice
  • PC Growth
  • Player Growth
  • Insight for GM

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