Drugs, favouritism, boredom, too much treasure, too little treasure and fat stacks of cash…what am I talking about? I am talking about answering your questions! In today’s video I am going to be answering 5 of your questions that I came across on our Discord channel. These questions are all related to the tricky topic of being the Game Master at the roleplaying table and how to handle difficult situations within your roleplaying game. These are your DnD questions…my answers!

Important to note that there are just my personal opinions.

• Question 1 – How do you deal with rich PCs?
o How do you as a GM, avoid giving your players too much money?
o Give the PCs property – it will suck all their money away and give you huge
opportunities as the GM.
o Give less, take more – you have a world of people who understand this idea –
use it.

• Question 2 – How do you create treasure hordes?
o Mundane versus unique – standard treasures are coins, gems, artworks etc.
Unique treasure is magic items that are magical!

• Question 3 – How do you learn your bad habits as a GM?
o So that you can overcome them.
o Look at why your games ended – how did they end and why?
o Discover what your GM style is – make sure you know what you like so that
you can get what you like.
o Identify your types of players and what they like – what do they want from a
game and why do they play it?

• Question 4 – How to avoid favouritism?
o There are many forms – we must be aware of them.
o When there is a significant other at the table – there is often the perception
that the GM favours them or demands more from them – they are either
protected or persecuted.
o Match group for group – try different groups at different levels of experience
so that everyone is learning together.

• Question 5 – How do you handle addictions?
o How do you include drug addiction and drug use within the game of the PCs?

o Addiction is a solid story – and just one more tool in our adventure toolbox.
o There should be mechanics – whatever the RPG, there should be mechanical
effects to the addiction.
o Be sensitive about it – make sure your players are OK with addiction being
used in the game.

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