Have you ever been stuck in traffic, at work in the office or waiting in a long queue at the bank and thought to yourself “I’d much rather be playing a roleplaying game right now!” Ever wondered whether it would be possible for you to role-play in those situations when you can’t actually role-play? Well, I’m here to tell you that it is possible! In today’s video, I go into the 5 different ways of how you can role-play when you’re alone. These tips are super useful to help you turn your everyday life into an adventure in your own RPG! Whether you enjoy playing DnD, Pathfinder, Star Wars or Call of Cthulhu – these tips will help you to use your imagination and allow you to role-play wherever you are, whenever you like!

How can you roleplay when you can’t?
There are a few options that are available to us in situations when we are unable to roleplay
for various reasons.
These are the 5 different ways that I came up with for how you can roleplay when you can’t.

• Play by post
o Daily contributions, lots of writing, super fun and great way to improve your
literary skills.
o This has evolved into play by email – which is still available to this day.
o Play by post is now done via message boards, discussion boards and discord.
o This can be a huge amount of fun – if you enjoy writing.
o This is an easy method to undertake as there is no specific time requirement
– you post when you can.

• License plates
o If you are stuck in traffic – you can role-play by yourself.
o Use passing vehicles to weave a story.
o Create a system – use the numbers and letters to control the outcomes of
the scenarios you create in your story.
o This helps to expand your skills – teaches you how to roll with sudden
changes in the outcomes and how to set up new events.

• Sherlock’s RPG
o Observe random people and link them together in a murder.
o As a person walks past you, take note of their watch, shoes and hair – look
for clues.

• Roleplay your boardgame
o Become the character in the boardgame and adjust your playing choices.
o Create a persona – and explore that persona.
o You must still play the boardgame to the best of your abilities, but you are
now going to mask it in the OGAS of the character that you are personifying.

• RPG’ify your work
o Turn your day to day activities into encounters and earn XP.
o Award yourself XP – and use it to level up, or buy a cake.

o It stimulates the mind, and gives you something to think about.
o Make sure HR is OK with it – your co-workers may not like being called
‘goblin scum’ or peasant.

What other ways can you role-play when you can’t role-play?

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