How do you use an existing world space? Want to play in a Star Trek RPG? Or a Star Wars TTRPG? How do you take all the information available and present it to your players in your campaign like a pro? This is how!

Today we are looking at taking an existing world space and making it your own.
You need to understand the world space and be able to present it as your own – how do
you do that? These are the steps to take:

• Understand the core concepts
o What are the core features/ideas/unique things about the world space?
o If you’re not sure – ask your players. Their knowledge can help you.
o What are the expectations of the world space?
o Types of adventures, NPCs, locations etc.
o Expectations give you constraints to help you to shape your mind into the
world space

o What species are common, which are rare and how do they inhabit their
world space?
• Religion and magic
o Does it exist? Of so, how and does everyone in the world space use it?
o Is it integral or not?
• Where to start?
o Choose somewhere interesting to you.
o Explore in more detail around the area in which you are going to work.
• What is scary?
o What is big and bad and evil or small and bad and evil?
• Assign a lore master
o Someone who knows the world space really well and who can give insight on
the world space as needed.
o Don’t be afraid to share the burden – you do not need to know absolutely

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