Do you have dragons on your DnD roleplaying game? Or perhaps any other beast that you’ve added in to your RPG that you would like to try and domesticate? Wee, today we are talking about domesticating dragons! Can it be done? Join me as I go into the criteria that any animal needs to meet in order to be domesticated and then apply it to dragons. Can it happen? Take a look and find out!

Can you domesticate a dragon?
• Domesticated animals – each world would have unique beasts of burden, hunting
companions, fur coat suppliers etc.
There are 5/6 traits that an animal has to possess in order for it to be domesticable:
• They need to be able to grow and mature quickly
o Less effort, risk and cost if they reach maximum efficiency in as little time as
• Breed in captivity
o Animals who breed quickly and easily are often the best
• Simple, easy food
o The food requirement must be simple, easy to store, cost little and be
• Hardy, robust species
o They must be able to survive changing conditions, and sometimes harsh
conditions of drought or famine.
• Hard/pack mentality
o It makes them more manageable and you can fit more into a single space
without them getting angry.
• Non-aggression
o They need to bunch together or avoid physical contact. They also need to not
be able to kill us easily.
With all the above information – can we domesticate the dragon?
Well, according to the above criteria – they score a 1/6 on the domesticable scale and are
therefore not domesticable.
Why run this type of exercise with a fairly obvious answer?
• It helps us grow
o Silly examples help you design serious solutions as you are now capable of
looking at anything critically.

Your task – create a domesticated animal and share it with us.

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